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Punk Rock is a non-conforming type of music. Every part of the punk rock establishment is distinctive. There are several influences in their music scene. Fashion is an interesting punk rock criteria. Many Punk rockers wear patches on their clothing of their favorite bands, wear Doc Martin shoes, and have unique hairstyles. The Mohawk, baldheads, and liberty bell hairstyles are infamous hairstyles in the punk rock scene.

Punk Rockís origins are questionable. In the early 1970ís a music group called the New York Dolls began making headlines. Their punk-rock style of music would later influence many musicians. While on stage, the Dolls enjoyed taunting the crowd with Nazi jokes, and explicit remarks. Eventually the Dolls disbanded due to their drug addictions. IN 1973, numerous punk rock bands began playing at a venue called CBGB, which would become an infamous stomping ground for original and future punk rock bands. In the mid 1970ís a band called the Ramones modernized the style of punk rock music. They used energetic, yet simple guitar riffs balanced over poppy lyrics to create a new sound that would entice the masses and inspire many bands such as the Clash.

Another Punk Rock movement was occurring in England. This was lead by the Sex Pistols whose constituents were a idiosyncratic cast of characters who would do despicable stunts on stage as well as off stage. They were the epitome of all things Punk Rock. They were self-proclaimed anarchists who hated the queen, disregarded the law, and were drug addicts. At one concert, their guitarist Sid Vicious cut himself with a knife and bled onstage. The band gained national attention when Sid Vicious was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Nancy. While awaiting trial he was found dead in his hotel room of a heroin overdose. In the 1980ís a new form of hardcore punk rock music had taken over which was faster and more violent. The bands Black Flag, The Germs, The Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and the Vandals were at the forefront of this innovative style of punk rock. Eventually punk rock divulged into many styles of music up into the 1990ís when many affirmed that punk rock was dead. It started as an underground scene and curved into a mainstream major label scene that turned away countless punk rock aficionados.

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